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Retazo Co-founders Daniel and Auralis sat down with filmaker Jake Pieczynski to talk about the purpose and goals behind the new Retazo Moda Lab opened in Abril 2019 in partnership with Centros Sor Isolina Ferre. We covered how there is no small batch ready to wear fashion manufacturing in the island and how that impairs the growth of the local talent. We also discussed our goal of circularity.

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Retazo Team
Retazo featured in Puerto Rico Creativo 18' - A book about the creative industries in the island.

We are honored to be featured on the new Puerto Rico Creativo guide book as the only comprehensive fashion garment manufacturing platform in Puerto Rico. The guide is an amazing initiative by Puerto Rico Science Technology & Research Trust, Compañía de Comercio y Exportación de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Emprende and Industrias Creativas Puerto Rico to exemplify local creative business models, identify challenges, gaps, and opportunities, as well as stimulate connections between creatives locally to achieve progress and sound economic development. Download the guide 👉🏼

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Auralis Herrero Lugo
Retazo takes a major step in enhancing Sustainability of Fashion in Puerto Rico

Since we had the idea of creating Retazo, we always had as a goal to create opportunities by enhancing garment construction industry in Puerto Rico. One of the pillars of a Sustainable Fashion Economy is to create a workforce cycle, where both education and placement is extremely important. A couple of weeks ago we got the chance to have our first meetings with stakeholders to create an educational/workforce component for Retazo and with that construct a more Sustainable Fashion Garment Industry in Puerto Rico.

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What it means is that Retazo, is a believer and a participant in the circular economy and the power it can have for long term economic and environmental sustainability for Puerto Rico.

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Auralís Comment