Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you own your factories and can I visit them? Yes we do. You can come to our facilities in Ponce and Caimito. We also work with factories that we don’t own. Those can be visited only if the factory is interested.

  2. Can I travel to Puerto Rico and develop product there with you? Of course you can! That is what our Retazo Moda Lab is for.

  3. Do you have minimums? Nope, we don’t. Prices vary according to quantities in the high end ready to wear category, which is our niche.

  4. What are your lead times? Product development phases take 2-3 weeks depending on the product complexity and the stage it is at.

  5. Can I source materials in Puerto Rico? Puerto Rico doesn’t produce raw materials. Everything is imported and then cut and sewn in the island. There are some local artisans that provide us with trims like mundillo and basketry accessories, but we don’t grow the fiber or weave fabrics.

  6. Can I work with artisans in the island? Yes, you can. Even though Puerto Rico does not have a big pool of artisans, we do work with a few to rescue certain crafts from extinction via artisan collaborations.

  7. What about your learning modules and courses? In 2019, we will be rolling out our learning modules calendar hosted at the MADMi museum, at our Moda Lab in Caimito, San Juan.