What does circular fashion in the Puerto Rico of 2018 mean ?  

What it means is that Retazo, is a believer and a participant in the circular economy and the power it can have for long term economic and environmental sustainability for Puerto Rico.

It also means that the designers that we work with, the factories we contract and all other services we provide are made with sustainability and the long term growth of the industry as a priority.  We stand behind a more transparent fashion industry, better manufacturing practices, fair trade ways of doing business and longevity in the product’s life cycle.

Our priorities right now are:

1-    Teaching designers in Puerto Rico and factories how to work with each other. 

2-    Providing capacity building to factories, so they can diversify their offering via modular manufacturing whilst learning about circularity and implementing it.

3-    Helping designers make better, more sustainable choices when it comes to their supply chain. Whether that may be as simple as switching from regular cotton to organic or as complicated as re-designing their entire supply chain. We can help.

Our goal is to completely re-imagine Puerto Rico’s fashion industry from linear to circular by educating designers, factories and suppliers.

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